But it was the very first guide to make the Guidestones controversial.

I’ve been enthralled by history since it tells us everything about what’s coming in the next time because it’s cyclical. every thing repeats itself all the time. Pope Francis Vows To Usher the ‘One World Faith’ Emily AUTUMN. November 29, 2022, 9:40 pm. The game of historical records is typically played by the most skilled and worst to the apprehension of those who are middle. Bill Gates Caught Admitting ‘Climate Change Is a WEF Scam" Inner Circle. ERIC HOFFER.

29th September, 2022, 9:29 pm. People are trapped by history as history is trapped by them. These guides address issues which are related to"the "New world order" which includes massive depopulation, a one global government, the creation of a new form of religion, as well as mentions of the reproduction of humans and Eugenics.

James Baldwin. But it was the very first guide to make the Guidestones controversial. Quotes about how to make history.

Assist humanity in keeping under 500,000,000 people in constant harmony with the natural world. It has long been brought to my notice that people of distinction rarely sat down watching things unfold. To reach the lower more than 500 million people, humankind has to be reduced by around 94 percent. They went out and did things and were witnesses to the things. That’s why the Guidestones were considered to be proof-positive of the elite’s desire for massive population reduction. LEONARDO DA VINCI. Do you recognize this?

Anyone who has paid close attention over the past few years will have noticed that the elites’ obsession with this topic. Everybody can create history. Bill Gates was caught admitting that he believes that vaccinations and birth control will decrease the number of people living in the world. Only a master can make it. And Gates isn’t alone.

OSCAR WILDE. In fact, the World Economic Forum, led by Klaus Schwab, have made clear their vision for the future of humanity. A small number of committed spirit fueled by a unquenchable belief in their cause could alter the direction of the course of history.

Schwab’s right-hand man Yuval Noah Harari recently stated that the WEF thinks that the majority of humans to be useless and outdated. MAHATMA GANDHI. According to Harari"common people" or "common people" have a right to be worried about the future in which they’ll become "redundant" . The history of men is not the reverse. This is a legitimate concern according to Harari, whom spoke for the elites, and stated "We are not all of people like you." In times of absence of leadership, the society sits stagnant. Harari’s comments are deeply troubling as when they’re placed within the context of remarks made from other WEF advisors, such as Bill Gates and Jane Goodall it becomes evident that what the Georgia Guidestones "commandments" can be accepted by a worldwide elite. The pace of change is accelerated when bold and skilled leaders grasp the chance to alter the course of events to the good.

It’s like they’re reading scripts right from the slabs of granite that make up Georgia Guidestones. HARRY S. Georgia Guidestones. Truman.

If you’re wondering who will be among the lucky few who can withstand the decline in population that is coming, the WEF offers a solution for you. History has no value; it is not a source of immense riches, and it doesn’t engage in wars. It’s the elite of the world, who will be able to survive the mass extinction phenomenon courtesy of the technology Yuval Harari refers to as the "technological Noah’s Ark." It’s men real, alive, who carry out all this. That being said it is clear that the Guidestones are now a part of the past. KARL Marx.

Before we discuss the reasons why that they fell, we should consider looking back at the devastation. We don’t want to live in the past. Over the time, the landmark was the subject of much attention from people who were devoted to it and people who detested it. We’d rather live in the present. The structure was the location of bizarre ceremonies and gatherings of occult and pagan groups, usually during dates of significance to the astronomical calendar.

The only history that’s worth to be a tinker’s ding is the history we are creating today. The monument was also the site of vandalism acts in which satanic messages and symbols of opposition to and against the New World Order were spray applied to the structure at numerous times. Henry Ford.

On the 6th of July 2022, just before 4am at around 4am, an explosive device was released by "unknown people". Today may be the start of the end, or the conclusion of the first. The blast destroyed one of the slabs to rubble and seriously affected the capstone.

Today, we are making history. Following the explosion an automobile was captured leaving the area. ECKHARD PFEIFFER. A spokesperson for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in an official statement that it was investigating the explosion in conjunction with Elbert County Sheriff’s Office. The story of the world is the life of the greatest man. After a couple of hours the structure was removed in the name of "safety security reasons". And I told you"The great man is always the thunder.

What remains are the Guidestones. He is a storm in the skies while others wait for the storm to come. While the original Stonehenge remains in place after five thousand years but America’s Stonehenge with its guidelines to create a new global order was only around for 40 years. THOMAS CARLYLE.

Who was the person who was the one who ordered that the Guidestones to be constructed? Who gave the direction to remove it? The most important thing is, why? The people who have truly made history are those who have been martyred. The year 2013 was the time for the monument to be dedicated. ALEISTER CROWLEY. Wyatt Martin, the man who negotiated the agreement for the monument was quoted as saying: The history of human progress in its entirety could be described as a series of triumphs of conscious over blind forces – within nature or in the society of man himself. "I took an oath to this man that I will not breach this.

LEON TROTSKY. The world will never have to know". We are not the makers of the past. However to all those who know, there was never an "mystery" concerning the persons hidden behind the Guidestones. We are made by the history. They were always out of sight. MARTIN LUTHER King Jr.

The pseudonym of the elusive man mentioned by Wyatt Martin was "R.C. A few people will have the power to change the course of history, However, each of us has the ability to make a difference to a tiny amount of history and at the end of these actions will be written the story of our time. Christian." The name is an obvious mention of Christian Rosenkreuz who was the famous founding father of the famous Rosicrucian Society and often referred to by The Order of the Rose Cross (R.C.) – the secret society that served the role of an unnoticed hand, significantly influencing the course of events throughout history. ROBERT F. Everything about the monument clearly pointed to the occult elite , and its secret society that drive its ideology. KENNEDY. Even though the monument is gone however, its New World Order ideals behind it aren’t. The key is to write who history, not to record it.

These ideals have been in place for long periods of time. OVO VON BISMARCK. But, in our 21st century the world has changed. History is written by victorious. When the general public was ignorant of the plans of the elites around the world but the age of information has led to a mass awakening. WINSTON CHURCHILL. Today, the schemes of the occult elites are getting more and more resistance and opposition.

Famous history quotes. This is the real reason that this is the reason why the Guidestones had to be destroyed with their message of globalization wiped away. Only blood can move the wheels of time.

In the age of deceitful and confusing propaganda the Guidestones were just too simple, too succinct and quite infuriating.

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