3 Top Reasons To Hire A Dedicated Development Team In Ukraine

By partnering with our company via the dedicated team model, you receive access to the largest pool of technical talent. In addition, you can scale the team both during the development process and after its completion, if the project requirements have changed. With dedicated developers, you are free from the infrastructural cost. On average hiring dedicated developers can save up to 50% of the development budget.

So, if you don’t have a go-to list at this stage, the vendor will help you figure it out. You may not yet know the precise requirements, but you must outline the big picture so the vendor can draw up a shortlist of appropriate specialists. According to a Deloitte study, 70% of interviewed companies see cost reduction as the top reason for outsourcing.

  • Living standards there are lower than in developed Western countries, so Ukrainian developers will work for a much lower wage than your average in-house developer would.
  • These professionals form the backbone of a team for almost any project.
  • Hence you should outsource your app development project to dedicated mobile app developers to reduce the cost.
  • You may not yet know the precise requirements, but you must outline the big picture so the vendor can draw up a shortlist of appropriate specialists.

Comprehensive testing services that help you deliver flawless applications to your customers and stakeholders. Achieve peak performance of our dedicated services for monitoring and complete management of your cloud environments. To learn more about our projects, check out our case studies or get in touch with us to start building your product. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and you can add other specialists like DevOps engineers or Data scientists based on your project requirements. Back-end developers create business logic and deal with the server-side, databases, and applications. I don’t know what happened but after that I would not hire individuals remotely, not speaking of full teams.

How We Run A Dedicated Team Model?

This is your ideal option if you’re in a situation where you need additional developers for a relatively short period. In such a case, by choosing a dedicated team, you skip the long stages of recruiting and onboarding. All you need is to select or draft a team of specialists and explain the task, afterwards they will start working on your project. Software development with the help of a dedicated developer’s team is a partnership model majorly used in web and app development for remote collaboration with a client. You can easily hire dedicated developers from reliable and proficient outsourcing firms for your dream project. A dedicated team model is a way of collaborating with a remote development team.

But the difference is that the team won’t work for you full-time; they’ll just complete tasks as required for the project. The main reason why so many successful companies turn to outsourcing their projects is cost-efficiency. Most offshore contractors are located in developing countries where people are ready to work for a relatively low wage.

Dedicated Development Team

Hire dedicated mobile app developers from countries like India as these developers are rich in expertise and cost-effective. For anyone who is struggling to find the right skills, hiring dedicated developers can be the best solution, whether they are a startup or an established company. If you are at this step, we believe you have selected the right dedicated team for your project.

Using the dedicated team approach, you can access thousands, if not millions, of highly skilled professionals in any field you need. The dedicated team starts working and you can now follow their progress. Team management remains our task – our dedicated Project Manager will report to you on a daily basis. This is not a prerequisite, we are ready to accept any form of collaboration and reporting that is convenient for you. Dedicated backend developers are responsible for building and maintaining the logic that makes a website or mobile app work. In simple words, backend developers perform the behind the scene activities.

dedicated development team model

Such a specialist analyzes the needs of the market and your customers and forms technical requirements for the development team. BAs are essential if you only have a general idea for a product as they guide you on specifics and ways to implement them in the most beneficial way. Moreover, since the team is formed of the vendor’s employees, they may have already worked together before. So, they know how to quickly join the workflow and adapt, requiring little time to coordinate as a team.

What Is A Dedicated Team Model?

Without knowing about your destination you won’t be able to reach anywhere. For instance, if you want to develop an app for the Android platform, then you should prefer to hire dedicated Android developers to yield amazing outputs. Whether they want developers to work according to their time zone or want to prioritize the development tasks, they can do everything. The purpose of this article is to explain how to hire dedicated developers alongside a few practices you can follow to pick the right team. The dedicated team is useful for complex long term projects, especially if there is potential for its expansion in the future. For instance, if you are an early-stage startup, you will benefit immensely from a dedicated team.

They follow the best practices to mitigate the risks to ensure nothing hinders the success of your project. This will set you free from all your development-related worries, hence you have more time to focus on other essential operations of your business such as marketing. Finding the right team for your project is like taking the first step toward success. Only the right group of developers, designers, and QA analyst has the power to develop the best software for your business. Hiring a dedicated development team always benefits your business if your project is complex and you have limited time and resources. Building a team from scratch will incur additional financial expenses and delay the project.

The main motive of the maintenance team model is to provide support after the initial launch of a project. In this model each team has a lead engineer, project manager, quality analysts, front-end and back-end staff, and support staff. Let’s cover all the steps to onboard the best dedicated software development team for your project. A dedicated development team is just like an in-house team with no difference in work and productivity; the only difference is that it works in a separate office. A dedicated team offers total transparency in each phase of software development. The dedicated team updates you so that you know where they stand on the progress scale at that moment.

dedicated development team model

Since the team usually works on a separate project, they don’t need to be on the same page with your in-house development team and go at the same pace. You can track the progress with management tools such as Jira and Trello and organize regular meetings. A dedicated team model means bringing a cross-functional team to cover all the stages of your project. Apart from traditional project-based outsourcing, this model entails more involvement from the client.

Transparent Pricing Model

With the dedicated team model, you no longer need to worry about it and waste your resources – we have already done it for you. In the scenario of hiring dedicated developers, you are assured that Dedicated Development Team all of the team will work exclusively on your project. This single-minded concentration will lead to higher productivity and yield the creativity that will help you stand out in the market.

dedicated development team model

Ukraine is a developing economy, and the wages most western companies offer to the outsourcers significantly surpass what domestic companies would offer for the same type of job. If your goal is to avoid redundant spending and hire software development team, then Ukraine might be your best choice. In most cases, companies hire international teams on a long-term basis, which creates a strong bond between vendor and client.

Convey all your project requirements to the outsourcing firms, including features you want to add to your software and the tech stack to develop the software. Along with that, provide information about your business and user requirements. The more information you give, the more chances you will get the right dedicated team. Hence without any doubt, we can say that with a dedicated team, we can get a team of professionals focused on achieving your business goals. Let’s have a look at the top reasons why companies hire dedicated software developers. TechMagic is a software and web development company that builds dedicated teams skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React, AWS, Serverless, and Salesforce.

Reasons To Hire A Dedicated Development Team

You may decide to manage the team from your side, or to assign the outstaffing vendor’s PM to coordinate the communication process. Good Firms is a research and review platform, or else we can say a dedicated community of IT companies. Here you can check the categorized catalogs, company content, resources, and customer reviews that help judge companies’ efficiency.

The team you work with is highly experienced and driven by a well-established process, so you can ensure the best outputs. In contrast, a dedicated team allows you to work with the top global developers. Choose https://globalcloudteam.com/ a country in which you want to outsource your software, web, or mobile app development project. Evaluate the expertise of the developers and choose the right team that can bring meaningful results.

Digital Transformation Strategy Vs Application Modernization

Experienced specialists, the widest range of technical skills, skilled managers – all this is in one click from you. Gather yourself a team of brilliant specialists and like-minded people to make it happen. We value our reputation and understand what responsibility our team will have.

Moreover, 24% of the companies do it to enhance efficiency, and 18% do it to get assistance from an expert. The dedicated team model in outsourcing is usually used for long-term projects with changeable conditions and scale. It is an excellent choice when customer’s team experience a lack of necessary skills or expertise in some areas.

Dedicated Development Teams: Hard To Find, Impossible To Forget

Living standards there are lower than in developed Western countries, so Ukrainian developers will work for a much lower wage than your average in-house developer would. Your project is your intellectual property, it should be protected to the full extent. Therefore it is advisable to sign an NDA before you kickstart the development project.

We know how long it took you to set up your processes and communication lines and how long it took to get used to them. Our dedicated teams are extremely flexible and can adapt to the existing toolset and mindset, so your specialists can collaborate with our engineers without any distraction. The start of the project will happen rapidly, as our specialists have been working together for a long time. Integration with an external team from the client’s side won’t be a problem too, since we are recruiting friendly people who quickly get used to a new environment.

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